Sunday, July 17, 2016


Work Attire
Co-oord | Mango | Sandels | H&M | Bag | Chloe | Sunglasess | Rayban

Hey guys, I hope you all doing well. It's been a while again. Last weekend I was in Paris with my blogger friend. It was so amazing and I kind of miss it already. The weather in Amsterdam is so great right now, but unfortunately it's so hot that I can't even go out. If I knew the weather would be so nice I would have go to sunbathing on the beach. Ah well, back to working i guess. Also, I have a dinner tonight so, I should not complain a lot. Make sure to follow me on instagram and snapchat. I will giveaway 5 free dinner or lunch for 2 at the Rotterdam Wagamama previews on 5,6 or 7 august.
I will announce the winners on Tuesday, July 19th on my snapchat. So make sure to follow me on snapchat and hopefully see you there. I will also be there on the 7th august. Looking forward and wishing you a great weekend!

With love,

Thursday, June 30, 2016


Skirt | Closet London | Blouse| H&M | Shoes | Sperry

Hey loves, I hope you all doing well. I had a chance to make this awesome shoot with the young and newest talented girl on the block Pleuni van der Pas. I had so much fun shooting this outfit from Closet London. Although orange is one of my fave colours. I don't usually wear this color. What I like about this skirt is the colour mix and of course the stripes. I'm totally obsessed with stripes. I think the sky blue blouse makes the skirt pops even more. For you information Closet London is also available at I hope you like this look and love to hear your thoughts how you would style this skirt. Always open to try new things...caught you later and what ever you do, do it with love!

Sunday, June 26, 2016


Sweater | (HERE) | Pants | Topshop via Zalando | Slip-ons | Steve Madden | Shades| House of Harlow

If you looking for fun t-shirts and sweaters than I recommend you to take a look at the I got this sweater and a t-shirt form to promote there new website. They just launched there Dutch website. You, guys I have not seen outside since friday. I have a really bad cold. I sound like my grandfather and the most annoying is that I can not breathe through my nose. Story of my life. I did had a fun friday night. I was invited for a dinner in a new restaurant, in Amsterdam, called the Lobby. The reason for this event was to celebrate the new app Pimmr. This app will matches your preferences with the offer that is available in your town to provide you with personal restaurant recommendations. This is such a usful app in my opinion. I'm a vegaterian and most of my friends are not. This app helps us to select a restaurant based on each of our preferences. I was 'winning and dinning' with such a cool people and the food was far far from good. Not to advertise or anything, but the food was really good. The fun part was that this event was completely a suprise. I didn't knew where we would eat. A hour before the event I got a text massage of the address and we went with a new taxi service called Abel, it is similar to Uber. I schould compare these two company, but they have the same approach. In addtion to this, the Pimmr app is at the moment only available in the Netherlands, but in the long run will be available everywhere. With that being said...with you all a wonderful Day/Night! What ever you do, do it with love,

Saturday, June 18, 2016


Dress | Chicwish (HERE) || Sandals| Supertrash
When I got this dress, I thought to myself this could be possibly a wedding dress. I really love the detail's on this dress. I'm sucker for romance so this dress is just perfect for me. I have not wear it for any occasion yet but I wanted to show you guys how it looks on me. I wear size S. This dress is still hanging in my closet for the perfect never know when you need a dress like this. Let me know what you think of it and wishing you all a lovely weekend. 'what ever you do, do it with love'

Monday, May 30, 2016


Top: Chicwish (here) | Sneaker: &otherstories (here) | Hat: via Asos (here) | Bag: Chloe
It's been a while that I have not made any wishlist. At the moment I'm saving so there is not a lot of room for spending my money. Nevertheless it does not mean that I'm not making a wishlist what I do want to buy. It has become a habit for me to always make a list before I shop any items. I have to know if the item that I'm buying can be combined with other itmes that I already have in my clost. I have seen a lots of cute stuff online. It's so hard to keep myself in control sometimes. I would love to hear wear you shop the most and if you like to shop in store of online. I find it much easier to shop line, but on the other hand I miss the shopping experience..u know what I mean?! Down blow check out my wishlist. Wishing you all a lovel day! 

Saturday, May 28, 2016


(product review from coeberghpr)
As promised here is the secret of my new bright brown haircolor. A little disclaimer before I continue with this review. I'm not working with John Frienda and this is not a paid review. This review is based on my own experience and I wanted to share this with you guys. I don't know if you ever used John Frieda's products, but this shampoo/conditioner and in-shower lighting is so good. As you can see on the picture my shampoo and conditioner is almost empty. I would not write about this product if I have not used it myself and if it is not ture what the product claims to be.
I have been using this product for almost three weeks now. I can still use it another week or two. 

If you have a brown hair or if you have highlights in your hair. This product makes your hair even brighter. The In-Shower lightening treatment gives your hair lighter color in only five minute. I have used it only one time. You can use this product only one time in a month. The details: One deposits brown color to make your hair darker, and the other two have peroxide in them to lighten strands. Thanks to the dual-pump applicator of the reatments, you simply mix the developer and activator in your hand and smooth the foamy mixture through your hair like shampoo- then rinse after five minutes. I do recommend to use the shampoo and conditioner to company the treatment. It give your hair color the desired shade that you want. 

I would love to hear if you have used this and what is your experience with this product. Wishing you all a lovely weekend!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Blouse | Nikki || Jeans | Zara (old collection) ||
Shoes | SoJamie (Dutch design) || Bag | PRADA ( from 7 years ago)

Lately, I'm so obsessed with patches. I have sweater/jacket/jeans with patches on. Patches madness.
I bought this jeans, I think two years ago, from Zara. Who knew that this patches would be such a trend!! Correct me if I'm wrong but I think that Zara still have a similar look like this. I can literally live in this pants they are so comfy and cool. I styled it with my new shoes from So Jamie (a Dutch shoe designer). This fringe heels are such a lush and for a high heels they pretty comfy. Although I still can carry on more than a hour. I'm also loving my new haircolor and no I have not even been to the hairdresser. I'm using a new product that gives me a beautiful brown color + shine. I will soon tell you all about it. So stay tuned and hope you liked this look.