This gadget is so good it’ll make your hair curl/style/glamorous you name it! Straightens and shines in just one stroke, all this while it preserves the natural quality and shine of your hair.
The 4 in 1 brushing is your  new partner in beauty. Putting the hottest new inovation hair styling tool from BaByliss to the test!

This collaboration felt like a love story. Me and BaByliss go way way back ya’ll. When BaByliss asked me to join forces for their new gadgets I was stunned. Basically because I own all of their tools from hair dryer till curler and straightener! Coming together was like match made in heaven. If you have super straight and heavy  hair like me then stay tuned for this one. This BaByliss Sensor Rotating Brush is perfect to make your hair look like you just came from the salon. Having a lot of hair is a blessing but sometimes can be a curse. I’m not always in the mood to dry my hair, because it takes a lot of time and also I have to do a lot to create that perfect looking voluminous hair.

Rotating Hot Air Brush

The rotating mechanism is there to give you enough curl movement and creates a natural looking curl. The brush is multi-directional and curls the hair in two directions so you get maximum body and lift. How cool is that?!
In the beginning, I had to get used to using this BaByliss Sensor Rotating Brush. It’s very natural to want to control the brush yourself but you need to surrender your natural instinct and let the brush work on its own. If you don’t, you risk pulling and tangling your hair! Once I got this under control, it felt like salon-styling experience in the comfort of my own home and this is something we girls all want to experience!

It’s just like an art that needs to be learned, so if you do buy one, don’t give up on the first go. It’s unlikely you’ll be able to use it successfully on your first attempt, but don’t give up because it really does work. If you can’t get used to how it works, it has a switch that turns off the rotating mechanism so you can still use it as a normal hot air brush.  Some people just prefer to control the movement of a styling tool so this might not be for you if that sounds familiar!

Can you use it on wet hair?

The hot rotating hair brush can be used on damp hair. Your hair must be dry for 80 percent. It’s best to make sure most moisture is drawn out of the hair to get good results. Otherwise it takes a very long time to dry your hair. I would suggest rough drying first or really squeezing out moisture with a towel.  You can definitely use it on dry hair too, to give your hair a boots in-between styling or to add curl and body. This’s something I do in the morning. I don’t really have enough time to curl my hair so I just style my hair with the 50 mm rotating ceramic & aluminum brush with real wild boar hair and flexible brush tips for volume!

What you’ll love about this brush is that you get incredible volume and shine. If used properly, you can even create a big, bouncy curly blow dry that lasts a good couple of days (dependent on humidity levels and also on your hair type).

Does it work for my hair type?

While on the subject of hair type, if your hair is short or fine, try and find one that is the right size for your hair.
Too big and you won’t get your hair around it, so choose the slim one of the larger barrels. I believe that these brushes are suitable for all hair types. Make sure to always use heat protecting spray before using this styling tools, because it is still heat styling.

The BaByliss Sensor Rotating Brush utilizes an ionic technology which eliminates a lot of frizz. Plus it has anti-static bristles to prevent hair tangling, next to three temperature settings for better customization. The rotating 2-inch barrel adds volume and shine and the infrared heat penetrates the hair, allowing for a quick, fast and long lasting styling. Also, its grip makes it easier to handle and manage.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article. As always I’m open to hear your experience and if you have your own favorite brand that you use? Also what do you think about the Sensor Rotating Brush. Would you try it?

Thank you for your visit and till next time..

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