A while ago I was showing you a picture of me on my instagram; I was telling you guys that I colored my hair. Finally I can share the pictures with you and showing you my new hair color.

As you may know I’m obsessed with long wavy bohemain hair. I’m growing my hair back again and it’s really difficult to maintain my hair color. I teamed up with Cosmo Hairstyling to change my hair color a bit. I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to go back to dark so …I decided to go even lighter. I know what you thinking now…why?! This is the season to go darker and what do I do…going even lighter. I already had a ‘Balayage” in my hair, but the color was a bit warm for my taste. I wanted a cooler tone for my hair just to experiment and see how it will turn out.

At the Cosmo Hairstyling is all about the experience. For me was this really scary at first but I was also really excited to do this. I didn’t really knew this place till they approach me to do a collaboration and also to experience the Total Cosmo Color. I don’t trust my hair to just anyone…so I did a really good research before I went to this place. What I really loved about this place is when I entered and the girls were so kind and I got a really warm welcome. I felt immediately at ease. For me is important to feel comfortable right away..because this makes me trust the people with their work.

After a little girl chit chat…we spoked about my wishes and what I would love to do with my hair. The gorgeous hairdresser ‘Jolanda Grift’ was such a lovely and honest person. Her advice was to give me a nice cooler tone that will match with my natural hair color. I never change the color of my roots. I keep the roots of my hair matching with my eye color and eyebrows. Also, I think this is the best way to keep my hair grow healthy and to be honest blond doesn’t suit me that well. I bleached my hair twice before and because of this my hair looked a bit damaged and dry at the ends. I got a really nice treatment called Olaplex. if you’re part of the bleach brigade, then you probably know all about Olaplex. I was already familiar with this treatment. This treatment does wonders for your hair girls…trust me!! So, what she did; she blended the Olaplex with the color. That way my hair would be colored and co-treaded at the same time. How briljant is that?! The magic works from the inside out to strengthen, condition and literally reconnect the hair strand structure where damaged. ‘Jolanda Grift’ also told me that this is the way how Kylie Jenner went from black hair to platinum. It’s a long proces but it’s really possible girls to go blond without going bold!

That day I had a shoot so I asked Jolanda if she could create a easy look. She gaved me a Cosmo Touch-up. This is a fast treatment to style your hair at any time of the day. Especially if you are in a hurry..this is a great way to look fabulous. For 15,- euro you have a chic and glamorous hair style to rock!

I’m really happy with my hair. I was considering to go even lighter than this, but I’m really happy with the results and I think I will stick to this color for a while. I enjoyed my day and want to thanks the Cosmo Hairstyling team for giving me such a fabolous color/treatment hair styling.

If you love to experience the Total Cosmo Color than make sure to book right here (Cosmo Hairstyling), because of National Color Week…Cosmo Haristyling has a great offer for you girls. You get the totale base color, color effects, Olaplex and Cosmo Touch up for only €99! Make sure to not miss this out…its only valid till 22 okt.


Wearing: Blouse/Skirt/Bag: Spijkers&Spijkers | Belt: Gucci | Boots: Steve Madden

In association with coebergh pr and sponsored by Cosmo Haristyling

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