It’s, finally december you guys and that means buying a lots of presents. if not for someone else than for yourself.

As I mentiond before on my instagram a while ago I went to Rotterdam to visit the  Designer Outlet Roermond. I teamed up with Designer Outlet Roermond to do some perfect pre-Christmas present shopping. As you can see on the pictures I pretty much successeed. I think this was the best day ever! I got the chance to put some cool outfits together and also bought the perfect present for myself. To be honest this place offers much more than shopping  desginer pieces for desirable  prices. It’s a experience on itself, Every wall has a different color and if you’ve never visited a  Designer Outlet Roermond before, you might struggle to spot what is  different to Bond Street in London or Montenapoleone Street in Milan. You will find a lot of high-end brands like; Burberry, Gucci, Prada, Standro and many more, at prices reduced by up to 70%.  If you are big fan of designer shopping than this place is heaven on earth for you! Especially now in the December month. On 8th December,  the sale will begin. That means that you will get more discount on top of the sale price.  Your Christmas shopping can’t begins cheaper! In short; Shop till you drop!


Wearing: Coat: Burberry; Bag: Coach


Wearing: total look from Sandro

In association with and sponsored by Designer Outlet Roermond

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