Hairstyle trends Fall 2017 Expressing individuality

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From the beach waves in the hot summer to the grungy locks in the rainy autumn. Maybe you feel like you are not ready for this change yet. Maybe you are still busy with tanning and bronzing, but the transmission from summer to fall isn’t just influencing our mood and wardrobe, we should not forget our coupe! While the season is slowly changing, let me take you to the upcoming hair trends for this fall 2017. This year the hairstyles are about diversity, a touch of vintage and especially embracing your roots and natural beauty.


Beachy waves
Since we can’t let go of the summer yet, I will stick to it for this first hairstyle. Whether you swim in it, or you wear them on top of your head; The beach waves are going nowhere! The perfect effortless waves enhance almost any outfit during any season.


Bob & Bowl
You might have had this haircut in your childhood, the mushroom looking bowl cut! This unisex look made its way back into fashion thanks to Alexander Wang’s Fall 2017 runway at New York Fashion Week. This classic cut has evolved greatly since the 90’s and some of the biggest celebs like Rihanna and Rita Ora already rocked the bowl cut as no other!

If you are thinking of a short but less risky cut, you might try out the bob. The good thing about a bob is that it never runs out of fashion and it works for every hair length. You can wear it straight, curly, sleek or chic. For a sharp and sophisticated look, you can go for a short glossy bob with flicked-out ends.


Slay the ponytail
Romantic, classic wrap-up or slightly textured. The ponytail is all over the place with all its varieties. Give your ponytail an edge by braiding the top part of your hair or make it flattering by adding a simple hair accessory just above the ponytail. The one thing all the ponytails have in common this year is the wear at the nape of the neck.

Side-, middle- or even deep side-parting: Pick one side and part your hair to bring out those strong cheekbones. The side-swept hair can accentuate your angles by following your facial silhouette. Watch out when you switch the part position of your hair because this can totally change your look. In general, it is best to form a part wherever your fringe naturally splits.

This season the alternative grunge-inspired ensembles showed up in several runways. This unstrained self-expressing look is defined by its carelessness and messy appearance. The grunge style nowadays is a mix of different subgenres such as post-punk, grunge-chic and neo-grunge. No matter which subgenre you choose for your hairstyle, dare to invent!


The non-workout-headband
Who said headbands are only useful at the sweaty gym? Since “Gossip Girl’’ brought back the mainstream about the bandeau, we all want to wear them again. There are many different shapes and styles of bands to wear. A delicate thin crystal-encrusted headband is the perfect detail for a fancy event while a black leather band makes a rough and strong statement.


Love your inclusivity!
As mentioned before, autumn 2017 is about natural diversity and prettifying your already beautiful hair. All over the world designers choose for the models’ natural hair to express their inner beauty. I guess in the end that is the valuable message from the fashion world to us fashionista’s. It should not be just this season or the next one, each single day we all should embrace our flawless natural beauty and express our individual features.

So what does individuality means to you and how does your hairstyle reflects your signature flare?

Feel free to share your comment below…..

Written by Rojin Noure

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