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I hope you are doing well and enjoying your Sunday. I can tell you that I’ve done nothing but relaxing this weekend. Sometimes it’s good to just relax and don’t worry about a thing. So, I’m not just telling you about my boring weekend, I thought it would be a good opportunity to tell you about something I’ve been busy with lately; Hair removal treatment!

Just a little disclaimer before I tell you more about my experience. I’m collaborating with Derma Kliniek. I’m writing my honest opinion about the process and in return I’m getting treatments for free. I’m sure you all know what a laser hair removal is, so I’m not going too much in details.

The most important matter for me was the kind of laser device Derma Kliniek was using. In the past, I have done laser hair removal and I can tell you it was not a success what so ever! I have paid a lot of money in the hope having a bit less hair than I had before. It’s important to know you will not get rid of all the hair for 100%, only the hair in the active growing phase is permanently affected. The non-active hair follicles will eventually recycle and therefor multiple treatment is required. That is also the reason it’s often being called permanent hair reduction rather than hair “removal”. As many of you know, or maybe not know, the part you like to laser must be shaved and not tweezed or waxed. At the moment I’m lasering my armpits and groin. When I’m done with these parts, I will start lasering my legs. How awesome is it not shaving your legs for days….

Coming back to the laser technique, Derma Kliniek uses the “Lightsheer Duet laser”. The LightSheer DUET laser is an excellent choice for removal of dark hair on a fair-skinned person. With each treatment about 20% of the hair will be removed, therefor several treatments are necessary. Treatments are done 8 weeks apart on the body and 6 weeks apart on the face. Before I was treated with the so called Soprano laser, I have had 7 treatments and to be honest, it was a waist of my money! I don’t want to bash this laser technique because for some people it might be helpful, but it didn’t worked out for me unfortunately.

I have only had one treatment with the Lightsheer Laser so far. The 16th of October I will have my second treatment and I will up-date you all about it.

If you have any question, let me know and if you have experiences with lasering please comment below…

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