Why I did this treatment? We all have our own insecurities that we are dealing with. Mine would be my skin. I’m struggling with my skin ever since I was 21 years old. Acne and insecurity was literally ruining my life!

This blog post is also really personal and I’m stepping out my comfort zone to share this with you all. I didn’t always had a bad skin but when I was 21 years old I started to get a lot of acne all over my face. I tried literally everything to cover it up and to treat it. The worst thing you can do is picking at your skin and guess what I did? Yes, I was picking at my skin at whole new level! I couldn’t help it. Picking left my skin damaged. I know it’s easy said than done, but If you have acne make sure to not touching your skin that much. You will regret it later, trust me I’m telling this from experience.

As I told you in my last blog about Dermakliniek. I’m working with this clinic and get treated for my skin and also hair removal laser. Let me tell you some more about this treatment; Pixel is effective for treating a variety of common skin concerns including acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles, rough skin texture, sun damaged skin, melasma and other forms of hyperpigmentation, enlarged pores, stretch marks, and surgical scars. Pixel can be performed on the face, neck, chest and most other areas of the body.


The Pixel laser creates many tiny laser holes in the skin, removing part of the top layer of skin. It leaves the surrounding skin cells intact to serve as a reservoir for rapid healing. The laser stimulates new collagen growth to smooth and tighten the skin. You will continue to make new collagen for 6 months after a Pixel treatment. I had this treatment for the first time on 16 Oktober.


YES, YES AND YES AGIAN!! Sarah told me that there will be some discomfort during the laser treatment. I would lie if I say that it didn’t hurt. It was hurting but the smell was the worst. You smell your skin burning. Now, I know this doesn’t really sound all that good. But I was thinking about the result the whole time. After the Pixel treatment is performed, there will be a sunburn-type sensation. My face felt burned the whole day!!


The treated area will be very red and swollen for the first 24-48 hours. The skin will begin to flake and peel on days 3-4. This is especially noticeable during cleansing the skin. The skin on the face is usually essentially healed after 5 days – though there may still be some redness. Skin on areas of the body (anywhere off the face) can take at least twice as long to heal because the skin turns over more slowly and does not have as many oil glands present. I began to use makeup the second day. I work at a office and I couldn’t walk around with that face. I started to scrub my face really gentle to peel the dead skin off.


It is important that you keep the skin moisturized while you are healing. You should avoid any products other than those provided for you until your skin is completely healed. If you have a history of cold sores, you will be given a prescription for an antiviral medication to begin taking prior to your Pixel to prevent a cold sore outbreak while you are healing from your procedure. You should use a sunscreen with at least an SPF of 30 on the treated area after your treatment to prevent pigment change with sun exposure. I personally use SPF 50 just to make to prevent any skin damage!

My skin healed pretty good. To be honest I was a bit sceard after the second day of the treatment and I though to myself why the heck did  I do this to my skin. But as you can see on the pictures above (obviously I’m wearing foundation) my skin looks pretty good I’m not there yet but I will keep you updated and share this journey with you all.

Thank you for reading and see you next time..

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