Have you ever been to Prague before? well, two month ago I was in this magical city with my girls. I had no idea what to expect. It was my first time and let me tell you this I was in love with the city at first sight. We stayed at thePark Inn Hotel Prague. The weather was a bit cold and I was so happy that I toke my white Blackstone shoes with me. There were also so many vegetarian places, which I didn’t really expected.

Unfortunatelywe weren’t stay long enough to discover this beautiful city. We planned this trip really spontaneous and stayed for four days. What I immediately noticed was that I got the Parisian vibe. I don’t want to say that the city looks like Paris but I got the same vibe and I love Paris. One of my favourite cities in the world.  

Although Prague is a big city, what we noticed when we walked down the streets was that there were not a lot of people. Which I’m not used to because if you go to the city in Amsterdam I seriously get lost sometimes because, it’s so crowded. Some people where warned me for this city –not save in the night. I think Prague is safe and the locals are kind to tourists. Don’t worry about breaking some obscure unwritten cultural rules because there really are none besides common sense.  

We really didn’t prepare ourselves where to go once we were there. Although we were given a guidebook of Prague, we didn’t even open it. We are all for getting lost and discovering the best places by talking to the locals. So that’s exactly what we did.

We accidently bump into a vegetarian place called SanDokan to eat. The owner of this place was so kind-hearted man. I can’t even tell you guys. We didn’t have cash with us and he told us no worry about it you can come back tomorrow and pay me then. We were really in shock when he said that. How can a soul like this even exist honestly? He had so much trust that we would pay him anyways. We wanted to give him 5 euro tip and he would not accepted. He said that is way too much for tip.
Prague is really cheap if I compare it to Amsterdam. There are always moments in your life that makes you so much thankful for what you got and appreciate it more.

If you haven’t visite this beautiful city yet than I suggest you do. It’s really a beautiful city full of colorful houses and so many restaurants. Also, uber is your bestfriend:)

: Nike/H&M
Scarf: Acne
Beret: Asos
Shoes: Blackstone
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