For the first time visted this beautiful city Valencia and it was breathtaking. I decided to writting a travel diary after experiencing a new place.

Whenever I decide to travel to new places, I personlly like to prepare myself. I note for myself; which sight do I want to see?! How to go to those places (by taxi, bike or plublic transport. One of the things I have learned along the way is that the hotel location is very important. Before booking a hotel I always look how far the hotel is from the city and the sights that I would love to see.

To be able to travel you need money and also it takes energy and time. So, I understand that some people think that traveling is a waste of time and money.  For me traveling all over the world is a dream that I would love to experience while I have the oppertunity to do so. I would love to take you with me to this new journey. I believe that travel is the only thing that you buy, that makes you richer. The only way to find this out, is just go and travel. I think traveling to new places gives you the oppertunity to experience new things and learn about different cultures, different people, different food, different languages, different ways and so much more than that. Also gives you the chance to learn more about yourself. What I love about traveling is that opens your eyes, brodens your mind and also helps you to keep thing in perspectives. Seeing the world and the way others live is the only way to truly understand and appreciate your own life, or seek to change it. With that have been said I would like to tell you more about my trip to Valencia and where I went and what I recommend, whenever you decide to visite Valentica.


Book a trip: I booked this trip from I always look for a good deal, I mean who doesn’t want that?! As you may know blogging is not my day job. I work from Monday till Thursday at the office and from Friday till Wednesday I work on my blog. So whenever I want to take a trip then I look for deals in the weekends. That works for me. The weekend is much more expenisve than the week, but if you book on time than you can find a deal that fits your budget. Although for some people four days isn’t enough to make a trip. I think four day is more than enough if you prepare your trip well and know what you want to do. A little side note; the trip took two hours, from Amsterdam (Schiphol) to Valencia Airport.

Hotel: We stayed at the Hotel Rey Don Jaime. It’s a four star hotel. We booked from 1 September till 5 September. We stayed for four days and three nights. The hotel is very well located. From the airport to the hotel is an half hour with taxi. Personally I like to take a taxi to go to a hotel. Because I don’t like to drage my suitecases and also I’m to tired to deal with the public transportations. Of course you can choose to take the train or bus to go to your location. Tip: if you ever stay at this hotel than please make sure you take your own iron with you. They only have there own iron service and that will cost you 11 euro per pieces. Shocking, right?!!

Weather: Valencia has a typical Mediterranean climate with an average yearly temperature of almost 18ºC. Warm summers, mild winters and some 300 sunny days a year. In other words, a perfect climate for biking! The weather was really hot when we were there. If you want to lay back and have a more beach trip than in September is a great period to go to Valenica.

Sightseening: Because I wanted to go shopping and go to the beach. I planned to see three sights. The first that we visited was; La Ciudad de Las Artes Y Las Ciencias. It was ten minutes walk from our hotel. The first time we went there I was really speachless. This place is so huge and insanely beautiful to see that a human being can make something great like this. The City of Arts and Siences complex includes five buildings: Hemisferic is an IMAX cinema, the Museo de las Ciencias is a sience museum, Oceanographicis a giant marine park or aquarium, the Palau de les Arts is an Opra House and the Agora is a multi-funcional space. To be honest I haven’t been inside, but I assure you that the outside of these buildings is more than enough to see and soak up the beauty of this place. The second place that we visited was Valencia Cathedral. This place has a really interessting history. I got goose bumps..when I entered this place. This place arouses feelings of admiration and scepticism at the same time. I felt captivated by the beauty of the Grail, its perfect and exceptional shape, the details in gold, the pearls and the precious gems. The observer comes with the mind full of legends, films and even warned by the novels and pseudoscientific literature of ‘Grail-like’ themes. The last place that we visited was Malvarrosa Beach. This beach is located towards the north of the Arenas beach, it’s sheer size and fine sand make it the beach to be at. To explore the city we decided to rent a bike (from We paid 15 euro for 24 hour. Biking through the streets of Valencia was the highlight point of my trip. I highly recommend you to do this. I think this is good way to explore the city.

Veggie restaurant hotspots: If you’r vegetarian than you know the struggle to find a good place to eat. Especially, if you’re in an unfamiliar city. Fortunately for me, there where a lot of vegetarian restaurants to pick. One thing that you must know, because I didn’t considered this. The Spanish eat much later than other Europeans, with lunch “comida or almuerzo’ usually being taken between 2 and 4pm and dinner between 9 and 11pm. This was something that I had to adjust. A place that you must go, whether if you’r veggie or not; Almalibre Acai Bar. I’m not exaggerating if I tell you that you miss something in your life if you don’t visite this place, whenever you decide to go to Valencia. The second restaurant that you need to visit is Copenhagen. This place is 100 precent vegetarian. You can even ask for vegetarian bread. I’m mean how cool is that?! What I also loved about Valencia is that the vegetarian food wasn’t that expensive compared to Amsterdam.

I hope this post was helpful and if you have any tips to give please don’t hesitate to leave a comment. If I ever visit Valencia again (and I will), I want to see other side of the city and of course find more veggie hotspots. I really recommend to visit this city, I’m sure you will love this city as much I loved it. Thank you for reading and god bless you all.

With love,


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